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EKU Clipo 26/36 Wood

EKU Clipo the Original
EKU Clipo was launched in 1995 – as the first sliding door fitting with tool-less installation by clipping the running gear into the pre-installed housing in the door. This is where the name “EKU Clipo” originates. Door adjustment was also extremely simple and precise thanks to the sophisticated EKU height adjusting facility. Another advantage of the clever sliding solution is the groove-free cabinet base. The Original has now established itself on the market. During the course of time, the product range has been consistently developed and extended. Nowadays, EKU Clipo is synonymous with high quality sliding in sophisticated designer furniture with wooden, glass, or aluminium frame doors weighing up to 36 kg.

Quick and easy installation as a success factor
EKU Clipo 26/36 is child's play to install thanks to the optimised, tool-less clip-on installation and the extremely precise and convenient height adjusting facility. This saves time and money. The both-sided soft close including self closing and retaining function is conveniently slid into the running track and is therefore invisible during use.

Unlimited application options
EKU Clipo 26/36 opens up an unlimited number of application options for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, and also in offices. There is now also a wide variety of design versions to choose from. The Original, with its tried and tested Swiss Quality, is therefore appreciated by furniture designers as well as creative cabinet makers/joiners and designers. Particularly when constructing sophisticated furniture.

1. Slide the soft close with screwed-on clip-on running gear into the running track. The both-sided soft close with self closing and retaining function is invisible after installation.
2. Slide running track into cabinet groove and secure. The optionally available single or double running tracks are screwed on, glued on or secured using a swivel lug. Screwed on running tracks are available for furniture cabinets without grooves.
3. Fix running gear housing to inside of sliding door.
4. Clip the frame door to the running gear using the tool-less system.
5. Adjust the furniture door with millimetre accuracy using the eccentric height adjusting facility.
6. “The high degree of sliding convenience is provided by the new running system generation. The clever EKU product range makes many different design versions possible (Inslide, Mixslide)”, says Stefan Elliker, Product Manager.

Flier EKU Clipo 36 wood – The Original

Design:Inslide, Mixslide
Door weight:< 36 kg
Max. door dim. (W x H):1000 x 2400 mm
Material thickness:19–25 mm
New running system:Smooth, soft running
Invisible soft close:Yes
Tool-less clip-on system:Yes
Easy height adjustment:Yes
Door follower with soft close:Yes

EKU Clipo 36 H video